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"OH MY Blog"

"OH MY Blog"

Hello! I know it has been to long since my last blog. Forgive me please.

I have been pretty busy here lately. In Shock rather!

Let me tell ya what's been going on.

So I went to Nashville the first part of September to cut tracks to some smoking tunes that I will be finishing up by the end of the year. It was a blast! My mother attended this trip with me and we made some pretty great memories.

After our return I became a "Nina" again on September 21st. Yes folks, I am a Nina toTHREE grandchildren. "I think it just hit me"

They are the most sweetest little kiddos and I love them dearly, but WHAT!

Man oh man, the anti aging market just went up on my account. I'm gonna be buying up every stay young lotion available.

Just kidding! But really!

Like I said in my last blog Strike a Pose (Nina Style)! That's what I'm talking about. What a year this has been. When I told myself it was time to go for the gusto, I went for the gusto. Released my first EP,my fans are loving it and I am on cloud 9. So what my point is here in this blog is don't ever think it is to late to go for your GUSTO! If you have a dream GO FOR IT!

Believe in yourself, invest in yourself! You deserve it! And most of all work hard. It isn't easy juggling lifes curve balls but when you have a passion for something you push through everyday.

Listen, if you find yourself thinking about something everyday,every week, every Year that you want to bring to pass in your life just do it.

Go for your GUSTO.

God Bless!

Much Love,

Debra D' Lane

#music #empoweringwomen

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